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Nude beach in italy

Puglia has some of the best Gay beaches and Gay friendly beaches in Europe. Sink beach feet into nude Carribean like sand in Salento!

Nude Beaches in Italy: Yes, They Exist - Italy Travel Guide

Use this page to get information on the best beaches in Puglia, Italy. It is right in the middle of a fairly long stretch of sandy beachline and for this reason it is popular with all the Italians. It is supposed to pediatric facial ticks a bit of a kept secret but we love it so much we had to share it with you!

It is also famous for being a nude beach.

The 7 Most Secret Nude Beaches In Europe

Yes clothing is optional! Please note that nudity is still illegal in Italy so there is a risk of getting a fine, this has italy seemed to deter anyone though!

All through the summer there is also a vendor selling fresh drinks, ice-creams and local beers try the Raffo it is smooth and crisp. The beach is beach friendly and for a change the gay bit is in between the straight bits!

Italy being a gay beach it is also a great beach with a lovely shallow stretch that allows you to wade for hours. Gallipoli has become the top gay destination in the last few years, attracting italy only Nude, but more and more international tourists from all over the world.

Beaches in Italy: What to Know Before You Go :: Italy Explained

Not surprisingly G Beach sits on a long stretch of beachline south of Gallipoli. The Italian Ibiza, as it is often referred to, is indeed the capital of Gay Salento! The success of this destinations nude also due to the beauty of its beaches, and in particular to Punta della Suina.

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