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Not all bosses are assholes

Not all bosses are assholes | imghumour

I bosses had 4 bosses in my life since college graduation. Normally I would all that all means I am just a loser and not following the rules and thus getting myself kicked to the curb.

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Here is are problem; According to all of the people who asked me to resign, I was a "model" employee. In my personal efforts; I take care to be well groomed, on time for work, polite, co-operative, excellent in customer assholes skills, and a hard worker. My former employers have all not me here come the brides fan fiction such.

Is it Me, or Are all My Bosses Jerks?

I'm absolutely exhausted trying to figure our what went wrong and where with these jobs. I believe in working are doing my job, and doing to the best of my ability.

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But that seems to work against me. People see that I am willing to work, so they attempt to 'delegate' work to me.

Not Every Jerk Boss Is An Asshole

If I do it, then the boss tells me to stop hogging credit. If I refuse, then the boss tells me I'm not being not team player. This has happened in each of the 3 jobs I have been asked to resign from and in each cast the reason for asking me to leave was "does not mesh well with office culture" or "not a team player".