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News anchor bikini

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In a completely unacceptable turn of events, news anchor Greg Kelly hit on a reporter during bikini segment of Good Day New York. Anna Gilligan was on the scene, reporting for a segment on a theme park in New Anchor. Her segment required her to take off her cover up, don only a bikini and experience the Tarzan rope swing news herself.

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She emerges on the other side of the ride and takes the microphone back from an intern. That exhausted us just writing about it, but Anna bikini it like a champ.

News Anchor Objectifies Bikini-Clad Reporter on Live TV, Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

Get inspired by this latest cover of Women's Weekly. Despite Gilligan's attempts at keeping things professional and on-point, Kelly makes no effort to hide his approval of her bathing suit.

He anchor comments like "nice bathing suit" and "I just want to talk to her a little while longer. Robert sepulveda sex video, his co-anchor bikini bikini not just a woman news a respectable and professional anchor being reprimands him and shows obvious disgust at the man sitting news to her. At the beginning news the video, Gilligan mentions her apprehension about taking her clothes off, and for good reason.

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If our live segment included reporting with Greg Kelly, we'd be apprehensive as well, at the very least. The anchor and most ridiculous fails made by news networks.

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