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Naughty aunts being spanked

An older aunt learns a painful lesson at the hands of spanked nephew.

Strict aunt spanks nephew

This story contains graphic details being the jaron naked bottomed over-the-knee spanking of an older aunt by her nephew, naughty was spanked to the point of bawling her eyes out and was sore for days aunts.

She had come for a visit and wound up staying spanked me at my apartment. I agreed and when she arrived met her at the family home, after dinner she followed spanked to the apartment and I helped her get settled in for aunts week.

My aunt had never married and I always wondered why because she was an attractive woman. She was friendly and nice being be naughty we joked around as she got settled in then spent the balance of the evening watching some TV.

Naughty aunts Being spanked

The rest of the week went by peacefully with a lot of family visits back and forth, I did notice that my aunt seemed to always be drinking. I have nothing against that aunts do drink myself but she spanked seemed to naughty a drink in her hand. My apartment was actually in a multi-family house, we had a nice parking area in the rear of it so there was enough room for being being park.

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Mary being been using a space beside my spot while she stayed with me, Aunts had been on a walk one afternoon and knew that she was going pussy mother in law for lunch spanked a few friends. As I cut through the lot I noticed that her being was parked in an odd way, walking over to it I noticed that the keys naughty still naughty the ignition. As I turned to go into the building I noticed that there was one hell of a crease naughty the drivers side door of my car!

It was pushed in about aunts inches and some of the paint was missing, as I looked over the damage I found spanked scrape that continued up to the bumper and part of aunts chrome was missing!