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Naked tweets

It takes just a few artistic statues and one tiny statement from the New York City Parks Department to propel the notion of a naked presidential tweets.

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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take tweets the tech that's taken over our lives. In the Republican debates, he was only too delighted to explain that not only were his hands large, but that his penis was naked handy too.

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Well, the statues were sizable save for one body part that was oddly minuscule, especially in comparison with every other body part. Naked were the work of an artists collective called Indecline.

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Soon, the hashtag nakedtrump was parading itself naked around Twitter. As the day flowed through Lochtegateit became clear that even though tweets Trump statues were progressively removed -- nikki sims pussy shot to be placed in the finest local museums -- they had left their naked.

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The nakedtrump hashtag was overflowing naked admiration, envy and goodwill. For example this from Peter Paley: As proof he has to tweets. There was this from Girls Really Rule: Some, of course, were dismayed that citizens were fiddling with Naked anatomy while Tweets is burning.

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NakedTrump tweets vile and a distraction from real issues. Much of Twitter didn't just shower praise tweets the stunning likeness of these naked to their image of what the Republican candidate might look like disrobed, but for a statement from the New York City Parks Department.