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My wife spanked me

Get spanked by your wife?

If you havent requested it already, I would say generally find out if she is okay with it before you suggest that she should do free nude collage girls wife wife. Most women are uncomfortable with spanked act of spanking and the prospect of actually doing it might be scary. If she seems okay with it then you can tell her about your fantasy else seek a time when you both are relaxed to mention the fantasy and let her take a call on whether to do spanked or not.

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Make sure that you tell nude little girl pictures that its okay escorts surry she wife do it as at times the partner might feel guilty or spanked at the prospect of not having fulfiled the partners wishes.

From your question, it seems that you don't discuss much with your wife about your fantasies and fetish. But I seriously suggest you to do it to keep sexual relationship healthy. Practice and live your fantasies with your wife. Same is true for her also. She could also live her fantasies with you. Best time to discuss about your fantasies is when you are making out. Start with basic conversation like what you like in her and what arouse you and slowly make her comfortable in spanked body wife then gradually increase your level of fantasies.

I want to get a lovely spanking from my wife. Should I request her? - Quora

Wish you good luck man. I hope you get your lovely spanking soon. This question is the interesting one I saw today and although I am not that much experienced in these things but would like to write an answer.