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Ms law gets spanked by the principal

Law has gone against school policy to inflict her own form of punishment fuck teen girls videos her rowdy students.

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The School's handbook law rules strictly states that teachers are not allowed to use any form of corporal punishment in their classrooms. Law has tried every sort of punishment on her bad students and found that none were as effective as an old fashion OTK spanking.

Ms law Gets spanked

While she was spanking one of her students, the Principal of the school walked in and caught Ms. Law in the act.

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The Principal was gets up with Ms. Law not following the guidelines of the school and decided the only way to get through to her was with a punishment of spanked same caliber. Law and placed her over her lap.

Spanked with Hand,Hairbrush and Strap

Principal couldn't believe it, but she was about to get the bare bottom spanking herself. Law struggled to get away but Ms. Jane was just to strong and proceeded to give her a very hard spanking. After a few minutes of hard spankings Ms.

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Jane was starting to tire out, so she asked Ms.