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Channing With and Magic Mike have made stripping kind of respectable.

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But who bared all before him? The most exhilaratingly tacky film nudity strippers ever made stars Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Malone, the ambitious small-town girl whose frenzied thrusting takes her all the way to Las Vegas. Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas always claimed that the film was meant to be funny.

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Eszterhas also took out a full-page ad for the film in Variety, addressed to "Women", and claiming that his film was standing up for the rights of abused dancers in Las Vegas.

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The director Paul Verhoeven, a Dutchman with a PhD in mathematics and physics and a dry sense of humour, seemed to suggest that the film was a satire. When Showgirls won the Golden Raspberries for Worst Film and Worst Director, Strip became the first director female actually show up and collect his awards.

But once the cameras started rolling she became rapidly disillusioned: