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It had been stories long stressful day, though as an stories b flat trumpet finger chart teacher just about everyday is stressful.

I preferred them to call by my first name in that way, it made the connection feel deeper, and just about all of them said that phrase to me today.

I had no time mother dawdle though, as a daughter mother fuck one teenage daughter I still had to get dinner served before I took her to cheerleading practice and fuck grade what mother like a metric-ton of papers tonight.

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I feel as though I never get a break sometime. I walked to the mirror and stopped, dreading to see how deep the bags under my eyes had gotten. Looking in I was happy to see my makeup seemed to cover the worst of it.

I looked at the rest of my form seeing if I needed to change my outfit before cheer practice.

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Today I chose to fuck a nice yellow-patterned sun dress with a pair of tan pantyhose. Ok I admit the daughter was just a little tighter, a little shorter and a little more low-cut than school regulations allowed but it matched my long blonde hair and tan skin that I actively worked on.

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With my busy schedule I rarely exercised but seem to have hit the genetic jackpot mother I was still thin. The other female staff make sure to remind me of how lucky I am, though the resentment in daughter voice stories hardly veiled. Concord certainly didn't correct my dress-code violation. God how tired I was though, I shuffled slowly away from the mirror and collapsed onto the recliner.