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Monica lewinsky cigar vagina

So what are you waiting for?

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Since the affair monica made him famous involved a cigar, vagina could I resist revisiting it here? But cigar, a warning: Clinton served two terms in the Oval Office, but it was his lewinsky activities there — not his balanced budgets — that made vagina unforgettable.

House of Representatives ultimately impeached him, though the Senate refused to convict, for lying under oath about his sexual peccadilloes with Monica Lewinsky, then a White House intern.

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Starr is now president of Baylor University. The Starr report was made available online almost immediately, and the naughty parts became instant monica talk.

What made nearly everyone grimace was the bit about the cigar. Today, we know exactly what kind of cigar it was: More on that below.

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Lewinsky did perform oral sex on him. Afterward, she and the Cigar moved to the Oval Office and talked.