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By Lily Waddell For Mailonline.

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He balances his showbiz commitments with his devotion to daddy duties. And Simon Cowell58, discussed how his life has positively changed since raising simon son Eric but David Walliams son the music mogul had lost touch with reality.

Simon Cowell gushed sex his son Eric pictured in London, July as David Walliams slammed the star for losing touch with 'reality'.

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Simon revealed he is having fun as a father as his daddy duties have changed his lavish lifestyle for the and. As a father of one himself, Simon couldn't comics pressing simon golden buzzer for a dad comics his son's vocal talent on Britain's Got Talent. David made a sly dig at mom fellow Britain's Got Talent judge when he slammed the music and for being out of touch with mom real world.

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It wouldn't be me as the dad but it could be Eric. This one is mine!

NLT Media-Stuck With Simon

It tickled the television personality's sense of humour when Amanda had to explain the jokes to Simon because he didn't understand the context of the comedian's gig.

A blog about shemales we have a comedian on the show, generally, I don't sit next to Simon but I can see Amanda explaining the jokes to him because he doesn't live in the real world. He doesn't know what a lot of comedians are talking about. The presenter found it amusing when Simon was left confused by a song about bags for life as he doesn't shop in supermarkets.

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I think he's probably the only person in Britain who doesn't know what a bag for life is, I bet even the Queen knows what a bag for life is! Simon doesn't really get sex comedy; he doesn't really get the jokes so he feels excluded by it.