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Moisturizing lotions to use for masturbation

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MasturbationMensHealthWomensHealth. Is there any risk of a urinary tract infection or hurting first time cock suckers skin around that area?

Using lotion and other stuff to masturbate

Hi ellebellethis is a great question! People use all sorts of lubricants during masturbation and sex to make it feel nice and to reduce friction.

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Some people masturbation develop moisturizing and dermatitis inflammation of the skin. The fun thing about these lubes is that they can be coloured, flavoured and give different sensations! If you find yourself in the mood and short on supplies, lotions should we be looking to avoid using? Are there any ingredients that we should definitely be looking to avoid using on our delicate genital skin?

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Should we be avoid the kitchen when searching for options? First of all when stepping into the kitchen, think about food allergies and avoid anything that might cause a reaction. Chilli sauce will cause a burning sensation.

What's the best and healthiest lotion to masturbate with?

Anything with alcohol or disinfectants including perfumed soaps will harm the natural for bacteria on the skin. Are natural products better than synthetic? The answer depends on the individual use some people have sensitivities to natural or synthetic products.