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Moby dick drum solo transcription


All things drumming dick a group where you can share your favorite drumming thoughts and insights You can submit your moby and learn from others. Drum your thoughts and links to all your favorite websites, videos, lessons, solos, beats, drummers and anything else moby includes drumming! Does anyone have drum transcription of the John Bonham's live dick dick" solo??

Live at the Royal Albert Hall solo You might find it easier to work out solo motifs and sticking patterns maybe from a transcription of the album version and use them as 'ingredients' to put together the live transcription.

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Bonzo tends to use certain things like those triplets split over the toms over photo sex anal gratuit over again in this solo. If you are looking for an exact transcription then I realise that's no help at all.

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But it might help if you're just looking to perform a Bonzo-esque version of Moby Dick! Yeah transcription for note was my thought - the internet is a big place so I hoped to find it. I want to get inside his head a bit: But its probably easier to find the album one. I think I've seen it somewhere.

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