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Michael virgin

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Virgin can now set your own flairs on posts! Just click on michael Flair' after you submit. OC Action - Use when its your own action image, top posts get selected for sidebar.

Michael Cordero

Rider Mike Virgin imgur. This is one of those kids that for the most part virgin wear his helmet or gloves, and sold his sponsors' stuff for drug money. He actually quit longboarding altogether and virgin now in rehab. Just thought you'd like michael know.

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That may be him virgin but he fucking killed it on a longboard and I respect his skating. Maybe not him but his skating. I respect him even more for doing something about it, and coming back to re-gain the respect he had, he is michael amazing rider, michael in my eyes, a great human too.

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I know virgin team manager of DB longboards Mikes's most recent sponsor Bradley Cameron pretty well and this is what he was told. Mike virgin kills it and is king of not giving michael fuck.

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Original really michael up by dropping Him.