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Megasquirt fuel injection for porsche 914

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Sep 15 It is, however a mis-understood system and many of it's for have either not actually used it themselves or have used a cobbled together system of mis-matched parts. After 8 year of working with Megasquirt megasquirt doing installs, Fuel have found that buying a complete, well engineered system with a quality harness is key to success. Also having an expert tuner can't hurt either.

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Here's a very typical install of one of his kits. You don't need the buy the most expensive kits to get a great running car and Mario will not up-sell you things you don't need for your application.

Megasquirt fuel Injection Kits

This install was on a 2. Porsche we would keep it plenum based re-using much of the factory parts, but with the TB badly worn and this clients desire to clean-up the engine bay, so injection went with 40mm ITBs with modern 32 injectors. Exhaust sampling is with fuck my throat com Innovate LC2 All 914 are wired through custom made harnesses.

These feed into a relay board.