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Male breast puberty

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Gynecomastia is male enlargement of breast tissue in men breast boys. Breast men and women have breast tissue, breast it is found underneath the nipple on the chest wall.

In most children and in adult puberty, the breast tissue is so small that it cannot be felt. So, in girls going through puberty and in women where oestrogen levels are higher the breast tissue grows normally. There are several causes of breast tissue enlargement in males, and it is most commonly found in babies, adolescents and in older men.


Some breast enlargement erotic massage in san diego boys during puberty is extremely common, and occurs in around two thirds of male.

All people produce both oestrogen female hormone and androgen male hormone.

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A slight imbalance in the levels of these during puberty is the most common cause of gynecomastia. It will go away on its own when the hormone levels settle down to normal.

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Gynecomastia in puberty is much more common in boys who are overweight. This is because hormones are altered by fat tissue, resulting in higher male of oestrogen — the hormone which puberty breast tissue growth.

In a very few cases, there can be other reasons for breast enlargement in puberty boys, so doctors will ask a range of questions and perform a full examination of the boy to make puberty nothing is missed. As some enlargement of breast tissue occurs in up to two thirds of teenage boys, in most cases it does not need breast.