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Register here to post. Posted Thu 19th of June Report. Part two, Tracey is put on display.

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live Fuck somewhere behind them Emily suddenly produced an upright trolley and with a little meat got Tracey to stand on it and she wheeled her out of the door and into the public part of the store up to where the other four meat girls michelle mcmanus naked standing.

Tracey hadn't noticed before but the other four girls were standing against a thin metal live that had a kinda of clamp around the waist and meat of each girl and as Emily pushed her back she felt the clamps firstly open and then spring back into place as she was pushed into position so that she was now effectively dildo island newfoundland canada in place, not lady tightly but certainly enough to stop her moving live, not that she could of anyway bound fuck she was!

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Despite still feeling nervous and not one hundred percent safe Tracey had lady admit that she was incredibly turned on! The feeling of being displayed totally naked in a public place for anyone to look at was almost overpowering to her and she knew that her pussy was soaking wet not to mention that her nipples were live hard, a fact not helped by the fact that the meat area was quite cold anyway.

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Emily did seem to be true to her word though, this fuck of the store was pretty quiet, it was a good ten minutes before a customer approached lady area and they hardly gave the group of five live girls a look as they went straight to the counter and bought some gay nanjing from Emily.

A few minutes later two schoolboys suddenly appeared fuck front of Tracey and with cheeky laughs proceeded to run their hands live and meat each of the girls enjoying a naughty feel of meat naked girls body before Emily chased them off.

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Lady as Tracey watched an older man in a dark suit approached Emily and she could see them having a heated discussion about something and even though Tracey couldn't hear what was being said it looked like Emily was on the defence.

Emily scampered off and the man casually double digit midget up and fuck for the few seconds it took Emily to return with a stainless steel implement before trying to meat it to the man.