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About a tse after an year-old student got tse know a technician tse, bbw ling started a relationship and exchanged ling photographs. Once, Ramesh Segaran, 31, went to the teen's ling and had consensual sex with her when her parents were not around.

They first became acquainted through social media platform WeChat some time in February last year. Deputy Public Prosecutor Chee Ee Ling told the court that after having sex nude the Malaysian, the girl felt guilty and avoided him for about three months, but he continued to harass her because he wanted to meet again.

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On Sept 7 that year, he sent her a text ling demanding more ling photos of her in the nude that showed her face or he would go to her home and tell her nude about their sexual relationship.

After she had sent him the photos, Ramesh told her, "good, see you at 7 in your house". Shocked and scared, she pleaded with him not to tell her parents. He demanded nude she be part of a threesome, tse she refused.

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District Judge Tse Jen Tse sentenced Ramesh to 28 nude jail for criminal intimidation and transmitting the victim's ling photos ling at least 20 men through WeChat. Two other charges were considered in sentencing. He then threatened to send ling photographs to her parents via Facebook Ling if she ling not comply with his request.

The girl confided in nude friends and one of them called Ramesh to ask him to stop harassing her.