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Lesbian pee sex stories

This story contains copious amounts of pee fetish content as well as many references to large clitorises.

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Stop reading lesbian if this does not appeal to you. Helen and Lindy Lindy remembered a lot of things which surprised Helen, knowing Lindy was sex autistic.

All the boys mostly cousins would just stories out their dicks and piss. I would hide in the weeds or … Continue reading Janey's preoccupation with peeing. Elly busty escorts sacramento ca was, in every way, the average teenage girl.

‘lesbian pee’ stories

She had interests in pee, music and writing. When the weekend would come however, she went from a fairly quiet student to a full … Continue reading Introducing Elly. We were lying in bed next to each other, no clothes on, watching TV. Well, it was sort of on in the background.

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