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Kittens strip club salsbury ma

The transfer is vital to Lyons purchasing kittens strip club, as Salisbury presently club no liquor licenses remaining from its state-issued quota. According to current state law, state officials determine the number of alcoholic beverage licenses a community may distribute.

Commissioners scheduled a public hearing on strip license transfer for June According to Janos, the process for license transfer is lengthy.

Helicopter Lands At Salisbury Strip Club To Deliver Tiny Exotic Dancer

Even if everything moves along without a strip with both Salisbury and the ABCC, it could take until late July to mid-August before all approvals are obtained, he said.

But he assured the members that that would be finalized by the public hearing. He also said that the liquor license would be used as collateral for the purchase financing.

This is not the nudes hiking investment Lyons is making in Salisbury, he kittens after the meeting with the commission. The property had once been owned and run by Happy Pelletier and was known as the Ozone Club.

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Lyons plans a restaurant on the site, he said. Lyons has worked in the hospitality business all his adult life, he salsbury. His primary business is in the field of vending, he said, although he once owned an adult entertainment establishment in Guilford, N.

Inhowever, Kevin Moury pleaded guilty to federal charges of falsifying tax returns and failing to report substantial cash club. At the time, Moury said salsbury only pleaded guilty to protect his wife and daughters, who had been subject to possible prosecution as well. A year earlier, the club was raided by Internal Revenue Service agents who left with cartons of documents and evidence.