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Kingdom hearts adult fanfiction

Instead kingdom light, Sora is taken by the Darkness. Now partnered with hearts strange sentient Heartless, he is one a quest to take over the universe and conquer Kingdom Hearts, as well fanfiction claim as many love slaves as possible.

One was made of golden light, and the other of violet darkness. At first, I was tempted to reach for the light, as it felt safer.

But I took a second look at the dark hearts before me. For some reason, I felt like it was calling to me. Victoria givens gangbang felt a sort of familiar warmth fanfiction from the darkness.

My hand moved from the light kingdom the dark orb. A small voice in adult head said not to, but a stronger voice said go ahead.

I liked this other voice more, it sounded more like…me. I reached for the dark orb, adult when I touched it, the black flames consumed my hand. When I woke up again, I found myself on a strange large pillar.