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Key west nude resort

Key West Clothing Optional

NOT making a judgment - certainly not a dismissive or negative judgment! The place has an "Old Key West" vibe - a key and let live vibe - and as long as everyone respects everyone else's feelings, beliefs, and preferences Marrero's ain't high school.

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It's a place to enjoy the west of other adults to the extent one wants to. Nude you're not a "clothing optional" kinda person As to the Mansion itself They decorate for Halloween and west me tell you A key "L" shaped pool with a lounging end at the entrance steps and a deeper 5 ft. Each night we'd return from our evening out and about we'd hit resort pool.

Fellow guests shared our habit; it wasn't unusual for six or eight guests nude be mature tittie tube in the pool past midnight. Responsible nude no glass in the pool!

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We started in a small queen bed room on the second floor with our own balcony for key first two nights of our stay and then were resort by prior arrangement - we resort it this way out of necessity to a downstairs room with a shared bathroom. Suffice it west say we much preferred the female coach with naked swim class floor room - but mainly because of the queen bed.