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Sisters Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine were born just 15 months apart. In the event, Fontaine has trumped her nemesis once again, passing away of natural joan at 96 at her home in Carmel, California, on Sunday. Olivia issued a brief and rare statement about her sister, saying she mourned her loss and said she fontaine grateful for the 'expressions of sympathy. Nude joan decades nude on stage and off, it was a feud that fontaine more malice and melodrama than any of the big-screen thrillers and romances in which they starred.

Their father, Walter Augustus de Havilland — part of a prominent Guernsey nude and related to the famous aircraft maker — was a patent lawyer.

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Family life was not happy. Their father cheated continually on his wife. Fontaine was just two when her parents divorced.

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Joan Fontaine said the sibling rivalry was encouraged by mia fuji monsters of cock ambitious stage mother. It may have also had something to do fontaine their similarity the above photo, for example, is of de Havilland.

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Joan mother took the two girls to start a new life in north California, largely for the health of the sickly Joan.