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Jared leto nude photo

Jared Leto goes leto naked for a photo shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson!

Jared Leto Poses Nude for New Terry Richardson Photo Shoot! | Jared Leto, Shirtless : Just Jared

The year-old actor posed for some pics while taking a shower, lifting weights, and goofing off with his friend Jamie. Check out the latest pics of Jared Leto. I never expected it and I never even dreamed of it.

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Oh, right, display of a huge ego paired with a touch of nude is a turn off to me. I suppose he thinks these pics are artsy? Just as much stop sagging breast the Oscars are about appreciating art?

Jared Leto Gets Naked For New Shoot With Terry Richardson [NSFW]

How can a person just be so self centered and delusional? If it works for him, jared power to it. Too bad the fan girls who are drooling over this douche are too blind to see it.