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Is pat head summitt a lesbian

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It happens with all sports, with men and women. The focus, of course, is Tyler Summitt and his recent resignation from Louisiana Mily cyrus naked unsensored. The damage he is doing to his name, his head, his wife and the person with whom he had an inappropriate relationship.

Unhealthy climate

When I read the news, I was definitely surprised. My surprise was that he resigned from his head coaching position because of this lesbian relationship. Why would he do that, I wondered. I immediately scoured the internet to find a source that would define said relationship.

Women's College Basketball: Homophobia is polluting the recruiting trail

Not sure summitt else can be said about it. These are comments, tweets, and statements from real, legitimate sports reporters.

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I hardly think so. How many people do you know that are the perfect child until they get away from their mommy and daddy? He only knew Tennessee, and even what he knew of that was in a distorted light because he was the son pat a mildly famous woman.

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I suppose because the rumors are that his relationship was with a player are what makes his actions reckless. Has Summitt tarnished the family name, really?