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I want to cumin your mouth

Giving a man an orgasm by oral sex is an art, and the best artists know how to slowly accelerate their caresses right up to the moment of climax.


At that point the man is incapable of anything except coming, and the skill and artistry of teacher fuck their students fellatrix extends the climax exponentially.

So what about the cum? Firstly, there is not much of it - probably a couple of teaspoons. You can put up with it if you want to. And the man really does not care whether you swallow it or not.

I recommend snowballing - giving him a great big kiss and transferring the cum to him. Ask men how much more they value a complete job over a half hearted one and you may be surprised. I am a mostly straight male, but enjoyed m2m oral sex your years ago with a very close friend of mine.

I want you to shoot your cum in my mouth -

At first, the thought of cumin cumming in my mouth repulsed me but then one evening that all changed. We were talk about sex and for quite a while, including our sessions together. It was obvious that I was want to suck him again, but on mouth occasion I was aroused more than ever.