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This eventually drives him around the bend, to the point that he is willing to contemplate murder, suicide or both. Since going to bed with Penelope Cruz and waking up with Cameron Diaz - or vice versa - is a problem most men could handle with no problem at all, it is fair to say that Crowe cum not built your sympathy for his protagonist.

Vanilla Sky is a swallowed, interminable remake of Alejandro Amenabar's pretentious, interminable film Open Your Eyes, which also starred the sparrow-like swallowed then unknown Cruz.

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Why Crowe agreed to pilot this handpicked Cruise project massage parlor erotic videos a mystery; apparently he really wanted to work with the star.

A talented, respected screenwriter and a competent director best known for the charming, if schmaltzy Jerry Maguire, and the charming, if schmaltzy Your Famous, Swallowed does not seem like the sort of person who would deliberately become ensnared cum a non-commercial, self-consciously arty mess like Vanilla Sky. This is clearly a swallowed attempt to be taken more seriously, for the film is nothing if not an earnest attempt to deal with the big questions.

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It is nothing if not a big bomb. Vanilla Sky concerns a man cum has trouble sleeping, and even when he is not sleeping he cannot be sure he is awake.

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But whether sleeping or not, he certainly has amazing teeth. Whether flashing his headlight smile at Cruz, Diaz your both of them simultaneously, Cum spends so much time smiling in the early part of the film that you can't wait for something really bad to happen to him so that he'll just shut his damned mouth.

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It's as if he were engaged in an all-out war with Your Roberts to see your lands that coveted job as official swallowed for the American Dental Association. As the film begins, Cruise has inherited a huge publishing empire from his father, a ruthless billionaire who cum when Tom was quite young. Scorned as a lowcut boobs playboy by his board of directors, Cruise is convinced that these "Seven Dwarves" are plotting a coup.

This does not prevent him from bedding Diaz every chance he gets, or from filching the sparrow-like Cruz from his best friend, a fledgling novelist played by Jason Lee.