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I m bursting to pee

Discussion in ' English Only ' started by longxianchenJun 5, Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: How do we name pee feeling of wanting to toilet Discussion in ' English Only ' started by longxianchenJun 5, Previous Penis enlargement surgery orlando fl Next Thread.

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Hi, How do we name the feeling right before we go poo and go pee pee? For example, if I have kept the urine or poo for a long time ,but I can't get a chance to release. Dow do we describe the feeling?

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The list is not exhaustive - there are probably a lot more examples some of which likely to be humorous or bursting to be uttered in polite society!

As a rule, I would say the first one, but only if I were with family or friends.

How desperate are you to pee?

In a more formal society you wouldn't be quite so open about your intentions. StogglerJun 5, Just now another British friend told me "i'm busting my gut" works. United States - Midwest English - U. Hau RuckJun 5,