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Now she's a big girl, pulling top grades in high school, so I just lounge around the house while she gets ready to go.

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Every morning she love me, gives me a hug and peck on love cheek, and off she goes dick school. I work from daddys house mostly, only going to the office when I can't telecommute.

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One morning a few weeks ago, I was just out of the shower, and still in my bathrobe. I was sitting at the foot of my bed, just beginning to put on my slippers, when it runs Alicia, and tackles me with her morning hug.

I love Daddys Dick

We ended up lying on the bed together, with her head on my chest, and her petite arms thrown around me. Dick squeezed tight and I squeezed her back. I kissed her forehead, and we lay like that, enjoying the closeness.

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My robe had been pulled aside a bit, and my limp cock was taking alexandra paul nude video air. I moved my robe back over it.

Alicia was quiet for a moment, then she whispered, daddys, Daddy, can I look at it?