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I was 31 years old when this happened.

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Your buddy called me and asked if I would help him drive a dump truck he got. It was about miles from where I lived but I was not busy and my older sister Jill lived down in that area.

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She is 6 years older than me and I had not seen her for about 10 years after she got married. Any way to get to the point I helped my buddy and was heading back home and was getting pretty tired.

She was surprised to hear from me and said it would be good to see me again.

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So after about an hour I fuck into her driveway and knocked on the door she met me at the door and give me a big hug and said come in.

After I sat down I noticed that her husband was not there she said that they had got into sister big fight and he went to stay with his family in another state.

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I asked her what they where fighting about and she told me he would not pay her any attention. She said he said he had a problem with getting it up and after several your she made him go to the doctor and get some Viagra. She said sister thinks he is having an affair but cant prove it.

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I told her he must be fucking crazy because she tamara taylor nude photoshop a good fuck woman and I was not just saying that I.