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How to make large dice out of boxes

I measured and cut out squares of scrapbook paper for each side.

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Have the child roll the giant dice down the aisle or across the floor. Whatever number it lands on is how many words they have to answer when the pianist stops.

How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard

The pianist will play the song you are practicing and have all the children sing with you. The pianist will randomly stop in the middle of the song, or wherever. And everybody stops singing.

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The child as to tell what the next sex change surgey photos are up to the number that they rolled. If you have two kids then they can consult with each other.

How to make GIANT DICE

Click on the image for more info and free printables:. Below are some of my other teaching props and ideas: Tissue Punch game in perfect carnival style. I was hit by an intoxicated driver when I was walking on the sidewalk. I was also 6 months pregnant at the time. I learned a huge lesson about miracles and not taking life for granted.