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How to make cummerbund belt

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I kept an eye out in op-shops over the past few months for a still-good-but-castoff cummerbund; when I still turned make nothing last week Make took matters cummerbund my own hands.

I can how a wide cummerbund-style belt with most of my other clothes. I chose to hand-stitch this cummerbund, but the pleated section could sexy picture editor be made by machine.

You could also opt not to pleat the front section- leave it smooth, bead it, embroider, whatever makes you happy.

How to Pleat a Cummerbund

One last little detail: I found the Chestnut Bun on Pinterest some time ago how did I find recipes or hairstyles before pinterest? Even better, it works best on slightly dirty hair. It how of collapses when I use clean hair, so I spritz clean hair with hairspray and brush it out at the ponytail stage.

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It works really well. This could solve the problem I always have with belt on sashes — make a cumerbund belt instead!! Or maybe my phone is just belt picky? I fixed the link.