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Houston strip bars

Perhaps some places with houston music, etc.

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Depending on your age, there are strip two houston There is also The Heights, Upper Kirby, and other areas, but I think the first two are the bars areas to find both restaurants and bars. Some of this may depend on where you are staying, since you don't want to pick a place too far away from your hotel.

Best spots for nightlife/bar hopping in Houston? - Houston Forum

My opinion on age range in Midtown is a bit broader than Gene noted, but on a weekend night, it's pretty hopping and latenight, too. Nearby downtown is also an option, especially if there are events going on. Decent House of Blues downtown - thoart fucking downtown has a few entertainment venues, like bars malls, as well as many standalones.

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Honestly, for me, I strip downtown and work my way to Midtown strip on - lighrail, taxi, and uber are all easy to use. If you want all dance, all the time - Washington Corridor has it - many true dance clubs and the crowd is younger, but things don't pick up until later.

Honestly, bars will find entertainment venues, bars, clubs houston anywhere in the city.