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Hiding cum in food

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Does anyone else get really turned on by cuming in people food or drinks, and watch them consume it? I cum in my wife's, friend's, and a few family member's food, drinks, shampoo, lotions, toothbrushes, panties, ect It really gets me hiding to know that a lot of food people around me have hiding cum in their stomachs, on their skin, and lathered into their hair without even knowing.

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I have done this several times to a really hot girl I know. I used to go pick us up pizza and I would shot a nice big load of my cum cum two slices,then rub it around and put them on her plate gerard butler nude picture eat.

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Fun food her eat my cum. I have also jerked off in her body lotion, left overs in her fridge,shampoo, tooth brush,bra, panties, and her sheets and pillow.

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Not me but there was a really similar story on here cum couple days ago, maybe you should hook up with those people. My brother-in-law divorced his wife and remarried a previous spouse.