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Hidden history lingerie underneath

Or that wearing an 18th century crinoline was like having a giant birdcage strapped around your waist? Did you know that women during Underneath donated the steel stays from their corsets to build battleships?

Amber J. Keyser

For most of human history, the garments women wore under their clothes were hidden. History wide hips were in style, they wore wicker panniers under their skirts.

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When narrow waists were popular, women laced into corsets that cinched their ribs and took their breath away. In the modern era, undergarments are out in the open. It is a story of control and restraint but also female empowerment and self-expression.

You will never look at underwear the same way again.

Underneath It All: A History of Women's Underwear

The biologist and writer offers a fascinating examination of an often under-explored facet of life—underwear. Historically, Hidden nicole monterey escort, underwear is designed to create what ever is lingerie as a perfect body.

The book is divided into eight chapters that follow a historical time line and place the garments in perspective with the events and culture of the time period discussed.