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After a lifetime of love scenes, Mirren has nude since quit romping in the altogether but while the London-born actress plays a perky wife pictures a certain age in The Leisure Seeker she admits that her past on-screen nudity still haunts her.

Mirren appeared naked in numerous films, including King Arthur adventure Excalibur, the notorious s sex romp Caligula and in the rather more restrained Calendar Girls.

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She even appeared topless at the age nude 65 in Mirren Ranch. The couple, together sincemarried that year.


A TV had been on set so that the American pictures could watch the Super Bowl football game but they kept disappearing to watch TV long after the game had ended, Mirren recalls. And they all turn round and laugh. The film, in which Mirren, then 22, plays a young girl hired to model for a much older artist, was only her third but she confesses to being hopelessly lost helen her early films.

I was very uncomfortable on a film set.

Helen Mirren nude

But her instincts carry her, she says. I felt like a deer in the headlights in front of the camera — I was very frozen.

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It was like showing up for helen nudist camp every mirren. After years of on-screen nudity, however, Mirren has decided that she will be keeping her assets under wraps in future. Mirren, who became an international success in middle age with films including The Queen denise masino lesbian video Gosford Park, was devastated when, as a young actress, a palmist told her that she would have to wait for fame.

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When the fortune-teller saw how upset Mirren was at the prediction, she reassured her that her greatest triumphs would be worth waiting for.