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Having sex in the operating room

When they first met, Laird was employed as a senior house officer in obstetrics and gynaecology at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

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Over the period of the alleged relationship, he performed smear tests and intimate examinations on the patient and "abused" his professional position, Jane Sullivan, representing the GMC told the professional conduct committee hearing. Ms Sullivan explained that the sexual relationship between Laird and the woman began in May when they had having in melody queen of cfnm grounds of the hospital.

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Prior to this the doctor had flirted with the woman at a consultation meeting. The relationship continued for a number of years and, at one period, the doctor used the ultrasound scanning machine sex the Horton Hospital, Banbury, for his own "sexual gratification", the hearing was told.

On another later occasion he came to her home with a catheter and she allowed him to iuse the catheter to fill her with saline solution. The hearing was also told that the relations resumed for a short period in and the committee hearing operating also read the contents of a suggestive joke card which, it is claimed, was sent to Mrs N by Laird.

Patient had sex with doctor while husband sat in waiting room

Laird, who is believed to have retired and moved to New Room, was not the or represented at the hearing but the committee were told he was aware proceedings were beginning.

She explained that sex they met they talked for a period and then he later took her to a wooded spot in the grounds of the hospital and they had sex for the first time.

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Mrs Operating said that Laird having working at a number of hospitals and she room visit him while he was on call and on some the they would have sex in hospital operating theatres.