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It is safe to do hygienically if done on the body where there are no open cuts and you clean yourself afterwards.

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This can be classed as a turn on as some people enjoy feeling or humiliating their sexual partner during intimate acts.

He seemed a little nervous escort we had a hardsports chat and drink and escort kissing. My client wanted me to make him escort degraded.

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I told him to play with my clit, lick my pussy and I hardsports a lot of time sitting on his face rocking back hardsports forth making him lick all of my pussy juice.

I wanted to do this during the hard sports part.

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When it was time to do this he wanted me knelt over him facing his cock, I was holding and sucking his dick at the same time, he was escort hard by this hardsports and when I defecated I wanted him to cum at the same time. When I defecated I had kauai nude beach sucking and wanking escort off, he cums hardsports escort same time.

It felt amazing seeing how much cum he had for me. Afterwards, we had a shower together and a cuddle before he left.

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