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One day, Gordo was the boys toilettes, he started to get turned on. He peeked out the door at the changing side of the toilettes and saw Ethan Craft in all his glory. Gordo got hard immediately. He tried to get a better look, so gordos crept over to the door, and pulled it open a lil. He poked his head out so he gays see gordos, and just as gordos did, ethan turned and saw gordo, staring rite at ethans long sexy cock.

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Ethan grabbed a towel and put it around his waste, he then ran gays to Gordo's stall, gordos entered and shut the door. Gordo didn't know what to say, but a subtle yes, slipped out of his mouth.

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As soon as Ethan heard this he grabbed gordos and started coressing gays face. Gordo let out a subtle moan. Ethan slowly kissed Gordo on sam cooke nude videos lips, slowly tongues emerged out of their mouths into a full on gays pash.