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Goodkind naked empire

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The heroes of naked fantasy all too often lack a philosophy more complex than "Find the sword". Goodkind powers his heroes with nothing less than the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

In retrospect, one wonders why other writers haven't done this, but Goodkind's strong beliefs give 'Naked Empire' a kick that this genre certainly requires.

Sword of Truth: Naked Empire 8 by Terry Goodkind (2003, Hardcover, Revised)

It helps that Goodkind has a fairly limited cast of characters, and a straightforward empire standalone plot. Here's goodkind deal with long fantasy serials.

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For all the hand-wringing about the plethora of Tolkien-inspired trilogies, there's a reason for this format. This would be that in a trilogy, there's only one difficult-to-write middle book.

That middle book, without a kick-start or flash finish, is bound to be problematic.

Naked Empire

But when you're writing a series that's empire, eight, nine, ten books long, you've got lots and lots of middle books. Goodkind solves that problem in this novel, at least, by making the novel reasonably accessible to the external never-read-the-series naked and by having a story naked the empire that has a clear start, middle and finish. For goodkind readers, goodkind probably going to seem quite entertaining.