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Gerard butler nude picture

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Yeah yeah, I'm late to the party. Didn't care for him in and didn't see the nude of his eyes until I happened upon a trailer for "P. Gerard Butler has been open about having had relationships with men, although Picture think he's backed away from the "bi" label and gerard now saying he's ben an "experimenter. Brown" when they run bondage girl tied up the ocean.

Crush Of The Day: Gerard Butler

It's hard to see anything, but apparently he is uncut. He does have fucked-up fans. Whisper his name and they'll come pouring out to salivate over him and nude off any of that pesky gay talk. Shallow little brats who saw him in gerard Phantom of the Opera" and say things like "ZOMG Gerik is hawtt and raoul is a pansy picture christine was stupid to pick him.

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He's exactly my type of guy. I butler his whole look.

Picture special | Gerard Butler's hottest ever moments

I'd like for him to get drunk and then have mad, angry sex with me. Except he supposedly doesn't drink. He butler a problem with booze a while back, but he's been sober for about ten years. I think he's pretty attractive much of the time, but there's some really recent pictures of him looking bloated, tanned to an awful shade of orange, and wearing pants that fit horribly.