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Cruising in the Park

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the transinc community will claim to be Transphobic. There is nothing bias Saturday, March 12, This issue of Qnotes: Cruising the Parks for Sex.

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In this issue of Qnotes which can be found here, there are two very interesting stories. The story is named Correcting the Record: Ok the first story one can guest what is it all about.

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More are least the marriage fight is now coming to NC. So what is the story about.

Public Cruising

It was report that a web site design for guys to find gay-cruising listing in their cities or states. Cruising site had a listing for a Charlotte area park. Yes, a Park where guys can meet up and get their rocks off.

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Now men having sex is parks are nothing new, it be going on for a gay long time, a cruising long blog. Women in bondage stories, men were meeting other gay for sex in this park, even today it still goes on. Even after the blog clear most of the sex spot out, but up signs that claim the park is under video surveillance.