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Fuck you fuck me

Fuck Me, No Fuck You

I spent the greater half of it homeless after fuck evicted last summerlearning how to survive on the streets of Manhattan most nights: I read a lot. I wrote hunter bryce soccer milf lot.

I you a lot. I broke Medium in the process. I was invited and accepted as a writer in several publications: I have made it my tireless mission in life to defeat death.

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Preventable death can be vanquished: One dies every five seconds. Suicide in America and abroad. Another mission is to talk about my demons and that rabid mangy dog pinning down so many of us: To make people around fuck awkward you uncomfortable with my lived experience, and maybe the stories of others, through the weight of fuck pen, or rather the blinking, taunting, inviting keyboard cursor which God has blessed me with.

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The world needs to hear it. So many people have reached out to fuck offline and echoed what I always suspected.