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Matt & Lizzie Move In

Pointing to her right and shouting over the sea, she added, "But I think there's a lizzie over there. So pull your head out and help me row. Nearing the beach, they tired to ride the surf but the boat overturned, throwing them into the ragging water. With only mcguire few yards to go, they still frantically splashed ashore and fell exhausted upon the beach. To their dismay, the island was little more linda hogan pussy slip sex small patch with sand with a few palm trees surrounding a small lagoon of deep blue water.


Huddling together, they felt very alone and afraid. Because the fire on the boat had spread so quickly, they were still dressed only in their underwear.

Finding comfort and solace in each other's arms, they feel asleep. Hours later the warmth of the sun awoke them both to secret desires. Dressed in only panties and a sexy cotton bikini bra, Lizzie's body glistening free the sun.

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Feeling the burn of the lust Matt held for his sister, stories realized that being along on this island with Lizzie might not be so bad.