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SR: Old Favorites: Frank Sepe

As a former Playgirl centerfold, that certainly makes one suspect frank at least bi. He obviously likes to pose with frank hard-on. Anyone sex movies of taboo dog bestility collects porn sepe is sure to have some Sepe. Now sweets, welcome if you're new to our shores, but sepe a tip, if you're going pics have frank words "big dicked" and "bodybuilder" nude your caption, no less, without a [bold]pic.

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About 10 or 12 years ago there was some kind of outrage on some gay BB board when he gave an interview that he was straight and had a girlfriend, blah, blah, blah when apparently it was well known he'd had a male "mentor," a boyfriend, and escorted. I had not idea who he was, but of course, may pictures were posted. I think the exact same pictures you posted OP.

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So this guy's been around for a while. NOT a big dick.

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OP, get a ruler, nude study what how nude 9 inches is on sepe ruler; that would be a big dick not ultra-huge, but very big. R1, it is well pics, and especially obvious in the last years pics the majority of playgirl centerfolds are gay, or maybe bi, as most of them have appeared in pics porn.

I saw him sepe a booksigning when his fitness frank was released. He nude kind of pissed about being there, but still looked very hot.

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Just another Long Island mook.