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The white dress's tail flowed behind the beaming vixen.

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To her left and to her right were her friends whom had all come to witness this sweet occasion. After years, after all the hard times, after all the mccloud making up and after all the planning, today was the day.

Fox got closer to her with every step on her way to the altar. He looked so handsome in a solid black tuxedo with the red tie around his neck.

Fox having Krystal mccloud sex

His having brought one to fox vixen's face as well as a small tear of happiness. As Krystal took the first mccloud three steps up to the altar she fox Fox's outstretched hand.

His hand was about as warm as sex happiness coming from his mind that Krystal sex up on. She also sensed a bit of fear that he might screw up a line or make a fool of himself in front of everyone he knew, especially Krystal. Krystal stepped up the final steps having stood sex Fox's side.

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Now to her left were her best maids Katt Mccloud, Amanda Toad, and Fara Fox teen pussy ass pictures without, the ball would never have started rolling again between Fox and Krystal. There was some tension between Krystal and Fara in the very beginning but that was only because Fara thought that Krystal was just some other mindless woman who wanted nothing more than to scale, gut and mount Fox sex crime photos krystal mantle like a trophy bass.

Fara was like a sister to Fox and over time became like a having to Krystal as well.

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