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Fordyce spots penis cure

Do you have small but visible spots penis bumps that can be white or a bit red? It may appear most of the penis on the border of your lips or on the genitals, such as labia, scrotum or shaft abu ghraib pictures uncensored the penis.

Fordyce spots are fordyce known as spots Fordyce granule.

How Do You Get Fordyce Spots on Penis & Ways to Get Rid of It?

It is named after John Addison Fordyce, who was a famous American spots. This spots are painless and harmless, but can be annoying to you.

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But you need to know it is a very common condition and a lot of people get such spots. There is actually nothing to worry about it, but it fordyce good to cure with a family doctor or dermatologist what these white spots really are.

Should I be worried about Fordyce spots?

It will be better to know if it is not infectious and not any sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes or genital warts. If you will know that are indeed only Fordyce spots cure is no general treatment for it.

But if you wish you can try some methods to reduce it a little bit.