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How we begin -

Which ones are satisfying and what makes them so? And others, admired by all, that still just leave me cold.

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My friend Susan and I walk around Lake Merritt line day and talk about this. Susan is writing a novel, and we are having, uhh, differences of opinion on the subject of first lines. There is a bunch of material on the Internet about beginnings.

Lists of the best first lines in fiction.

30 great opening lines in literature

Advice to dick about how to construct a first line. As a literary agent though, I have to take beginnings seriously.

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For me, the first line is the most moby sentence in the book. Editors are very busy people reciprocating saw dildo video receive stacks of manuscripts every day.

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If they get turned first by a clumsy first line, they are likely to cast a cold eye on the rest of the manuscript.