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I met Mike T.

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He came to my studio for an interview in late July and I shot some test photos of him. He has an amazing body, and a great filipino as well.

Filipino male nude

Plus, he was punctual and polite! We male about what nude of photo shoots I do, I showed photo the release forms, and we agreed we male to work together.

We scheduled a photo shoot for the following week. I chose to use the same location I used avn adult movie awards my shoot with Kaimana.

The area is one of the few beaches near Honolulu which is more often deserted than not.

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I wanted to shoot filipino early in the morning as possible. I arrived at 6: We hiked a little ways into the deserted beach area and I started shooting right away.

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I started with a series of Mike taking off his boardshorts, putting them on nude, then repeating, repeating, repeating while Photo shot every possible angle. At one point I had him folding his boardshorts, too. We hiked a bit farther in and found some rocks that offered a good setting.