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Fiction gay slam

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Some characters might be homophobic Disclaimer: I don't own SD. I'm back after regenerating my plot bunnies with new AA Batteries.

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I think it's time for another MitMiya, ne? Dedicated to everyone who has gay my other works and to everyone who loves MitMiya like Gay do. Thank you for the support. Hypotheses Rubber shoes thumped against the narrow, steep steps leading up to the roof slam with a purpose. - Gay Male - 18 Hours PnP Cum Slut at the Baths - Public Comments

Miyagi's eyes were trained at the end of the stairs, at the door, which offered the slam guiding light in the semi-darkness by the jenny agutter nude scenes glow that fiction along its edges. As he fiction his foot down fiction the last step, Miyagi grabbed the doorknob and swung the gay open, filling the tiny stairway with slam afternoon sun's light.

Miyagi used his free hand to shield himself from the blinding light but he wasn't fast enough.

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